uOttawa’s Monica Gattinger Wins Prestigious Clean50 Sustainability Award

Posted on Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Monica Gattinger


Monica Gattinger, Director of the University of Ottawa’s Institute for Science, Society and Policy (ISSP), and Chair of Positive Energy, has been named to the prestigious Canada’s Clean50 list for 2020.

The announcement was made by Delta Management Group and the Clean50 organization.

According to Gavin Pitchford, CEO of Delta Management Group, "Canada’s Clean50 Awards are announced annually by Delta Management Group and the Clean50 organization to recognize those 50 individuals or small teams, from 16 different categories, who have done the most to advance the causes of sustainability and clean capitalism in Canada over the past 2 years."

"Delta’s criteria in determining Honourees is to carefully consider actual measurable accomplishments, demonstrated innovation, collaboration with other organizations, and the power of the Honouree’s contribution to inspire other Canadians to take similar action,” he explained further.

Monica Gattinger spearheads Positive Energy (PE), a three-year initiative that uses the convening power of the university to bring together academic researchers and senior decision-makers from industry, government, Indigenous communities, local communities and environmental NGOs to determine how to strengthen public confidence in energy decision-making.

"Through the creation and use of Positive Energy, a neutral nonpartisan research and engagement platform, Monica is helping to address the polarization and opposition surrounding energy projects and renewable infrastructure, strengthening public confidence in energy and climate decision-making,” added Gavin Pitchford. Her leadership skills underpin PE’s success and has made it an influential voice in federal and provincial decision-making."

Dr. Gattinger, who was elected to the University of Ottawa’s Board of Governors in 2012, has written widely on Canadian energy policy and regulation, and serves on advisory councils for many public, private and civil society organizations. She is Full Professor at uOttawa’s School of Political Studies.

According to Gavin Pitchford, Monica Gattinger was "among just 50 Honourees selected from an initial pool of approximately 750 very well qualified nominees from across Canada."


"The Clean50 comes from a very broad array of backgrounds,” added Pitchford. “Such that only a few individuals are able to be recognized within any given category.  To receive a Clean50 award is truly indicative of Monica’s leadership, both within her organization and within the category in which she was named: Education & Thought Leaders."


For more information, please visit www.clean50.com or contact medias@uottawa.ca.

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