uOttawa welcomes diversity of views in its fight against racism

Posted on Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Dear members of the uOttawa community,

As you know, there was a peaceful anti-racism protest at Tabaret Hall this week to air grievances and seek action in relation to systemic racism on the campus. It has ended but it is important to note that the voice of the protestors has been heard.

The University of Ottawa is committed to establishing a safe and respectful environment on our campus and rooting out systemic racism within our confines and in broader society.

We are one community, and we absolutely condemn racism, harassment, racial slurs and discrimination on our campus and in broader society.

The University has implemented a new Action Committee on Anti-Racism and Inclusion and appointed a Special Advisor on the matter who is charged with implementing and coordinating its work. The Committee was recommended by student members of the Board of Governors, as well as other members of the community, who share a commitment to work together with all groups to address these critical issues.

The University invites the students who took part in the sit-in to respect this process on behalf of other students, faculty and staff on campus who deserve to have their voices heard as well. They are invited to seek nominations to the Committee and to share their recommendations once the Committee is established.


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