The University of Ottawa issued the following statement following last night’s street parties in Sandy Hill, Ottawa:

Posted on Sunday, October 3, 2021

The University of Ottawa issued the following statement following last night’s street parties in Sandy Hill, Ottawa:


We were immensely disappointed to learn that following yesterday’s Panda Game, some students gathered in very large groups to celebrate loudly and irresponsibly on the streets of Sandy Hill. We understand that these gatherings were highly dangerous and disruptive, most notably on Russell Avenue, and that acts of vandalism occurred, resulting in damage to property.  

To the residents of Sandy Hill 

We profoundly regret the damage that was done, as well as the fear and anxiety that these events caused you last night. Sandy Hill is our home, and you – its residents – are our valued neighbours. The actions of those who have so disrespected our community are deeply distressing to us, as they are to our community as a whole. 

To uOttawa and all students 

We are confident that the great majority of our students chose to celebrate the Gee-Gee’s Panda game victory responsibly and that they share our deep frustration and disappointment that the disgraceful actions of a number of students will now reflect poorly on all of uOttawa. 

To all those who behaved recklessly and dangerously last night: you should know that your actions were shameful and unacceptable. We will fully support that those responsible be dealt with through the judicial system. We expect all students -ours and others from other institutions- to abide by the values of civility and respect. We also expect you to respect public health guidelines. If you were part of the crowds that were responsible for the damage and disrespect last night, then you must do better.  

To our partners 

Out-of-control street parties are not a regular feature of life at uOttawa, and we do not intend for them to become one in the future. We will work closely with the Ottawa Police Service, the City of Ottawa, student leaders and our civic and community partners to see they do not reoccur. While substantial mitigation strategies were put in place before yesterday’s Panda Game – and worked well – as evening events unfolded, they clearly weren’t sufficient. This is a hard lesson for all of us, and we must learn from these events.  

Jacques Frémont, 

President and Vice-Chancellor 


Jill Scott, 

Provost and Vice-President, Academic Affairs  


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