Two uOttawa researchers lead global discussions on the responsible use of Artificial Intelligence

Posted on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Artificial Intelligence

If you use Netflix, then you’re familiar with the streaming service’s film suggestions based upon viewing patterns. How does it know what you like? This is artificial intelligence (AI) in action.

Whether we’re aware of it or not, we interact with AI multiple times every single day. Smartphones, online booking, social media platforms all use AI. So did Uber's self-driving car that ended up in a horrendous fatal crash.

Which brings us to an important question: Should we trust it?

AI experts Ian Kerr and Jason Millar

University of Ottawa professors Dr. Jason Millar of the Faculty of Engineering and Dr. Ian Kerr, Canada Research Chair in Ethics, Law and Technology in the Faculty of Law, and their Japanese collaborators, Dr. Koichi Hori and Kentaro Kotsuki, spoke about enabling the responsible adoption of AI to more than 150 international technology leaders and experts assembled at the recent G7 Multistakeholder Conference on Artificial Intelligence, in Montreal.

In their theme paper they wrote, “Owing to the way humans often perceive AI as ‘superior’ in its abilities, they can over-trust it.”

The accountability of AI is a serious world-wide topic that was discussed at the G7’s December 6, 2018 gathering, where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also announced a major financial investment in AI that will lead to the creation of 16, 000 new jobs.


“We think we should only be promoting greater social trust in AI systems that are fundamentally trustworthy,” explains Millar, who with Kerr also provided feedback to the meeting conveners that will help guide the G7’s future considerations about accountability in AI.

“Our paper demonstrates the important link between accountability and trust in order to provide guidance to policymakers about the necessary mechanisms for achieving appropriate levels of social trust in AI,” says Kerr. “Developing such mechanisms is crucial to the development of responsible AI.”

To learn more about responsible adoption of AI, read their theme paper Accountability in AI:  Promoting Greater Social Trust.


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