Statement of support for Professor Jan Grabowski

Posted on Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The University of Ottawa made the following statement of support for Professor Jan Grabowski:


The University of Ottawa offers its unwavering support to Professor Jan Grabowski (Department of History, Faculty of Arts) whose widely respected Holocaust research has led to his unjust conviction this week in a Polish Court for defamation of character. 

“Professor Grabowski’s critical examination of the fate of Polish Jews during World War II shows how knowledge of the past remains vitally relevant today,” said uOttawa President, Jacques Frémont. “The impact his work has had in Poland, and the censorious reaction it has generated, demonstrates this truth.” 

The University of Ottawa is committed to the sanctity of academic freedom and emphatically supports Professor Grabowski’s right to pursue historical inquiry unencumbered by state pressure, free from legal sanction, and without fear of extrajudicial attack.



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