Severe Weather in Ottawa and Gatineau: University operations running as usual

Posted on Sunday, September 23, 2018

Members of the University community,

Our thoughts are with the Ottawa-Gatineau residents who have been directly affected by the severe weather events on Friday night.

The University is offering its full support to students, professors and support staff who may be experiencing difficulties as a result of the storm.

Open for all regularly scheduled activity

Classes will be held tomorrow and all University operations are running. The campus is open for all regularly scheduled activities. Students and employees who have been affected by Friday’s weather events and cannot get to campus, should contact their professors, academic unit or manager.

If faculty are unable to make it to their classes, they should contact their students directly, if possible. Otherwise, please advise your department, who may contact students on your behalf.

The University asks professors and managers to be flexible and understanding to those who have been affected by Friday’s weather events.

Affected students and employees

The University offers full support to students, professors and employees who are directly affected by the severe weather.

Students in need of emergency accommodations may contact Housing Service at 613-562-5621. A limited number of beds are available for those with urgent needs.

Students, professors and employees experiencing a difficult or stressful situation may seek support through the University’s mental health and wellness services.

Caution on the roads

Damage caused by the severe weather may disrupt traffic in some areas. The University recommends extreme caution in your commute.

Any student, support staff or faculty who may face delays traveling to campus are asked to contact their professor, manager or work unit to discuss their situation.

Students and employees can stay informed by checking their emails and following @uOttawa on social media.

The University understand this exceptional situation is affecting its community and is grateful for your understanding and cooperation.

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