The Ottawa Shanghai Joint School of Medicine celebrates its first cohort

Posted on Saturday, July 4, 2020

Group of students from Shanghai University


The Ottawa Shanghai Joint School of Medicine (OSJSM) celebrated its first ever cohort today. The program admitted 18 students in its inaugural teaching year in 2016.

The graduating class was awarded a Bachelor’s of Clinical Medicine from the Shanghai Jiao-Tong University School of Medicine (SJTUSM) and a certificate of participation from the uOttawa Faculty of Medicine. The SJTUSM offers four medical streams in Mandarin, French and English, and the OSJSM which is in English and Mandarin. 

The OSJSM program is offered to Chinese citizens only and students do their Pre-Clerkship education at the SJTUSM located in Shanghai, with Clerkship clinical training taking place at Renji Hospital and other clinical institutions affiliated with the SJTUSM in the Shanghai region. Learning objectives were added to the OSJSM curriculum to meet the social determinants of health for the Chinese population where students gain experience in global and population health and in traditional Chinese medicine.


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