New Welcome Bar to have a sweet and impactful effect on newcomers to Canada

Posted on Friday, October 4, 2019

Black chocolate pieces and the logo of the Welcome Bar.

Food is a universal language that unites people no matter their origin. It is a commonality that brings people together whatever part of the world they live in, especially if this food is chocolate.

Peace By Chocolate and the University of Ottawa announced today a joint endeavour called the Welcome Bar, a fundraising initiative designed to promote the values that best define Canada and to benefit newcomers on Canadian soil.

The beneficiary of this initiative will be the uOttawa Refugee Hub, that works to increase protection and rights for refugees by engaging in research, programming, and partnerships on a community, national, and international level. Proceeds from the Welcome Bar will help them continue their work and bring together refugee-related research & activities within the Faculty of Law and on the University of Ottawa campus.

“My family received a hand since coming to Canada, so now it is our turn to give back and support all of the organizations and the important work they do to help newcomers resettle and build a life for themselves in this country,” explained Peace By Chocolate founder and CEO Tareq Hadhad. “The Refugee Hub is a fine example of the work that is being done to support newcomers around the country from coast to coast to coast. We are honoured and humbled to now have the ability to launch this initiative with them, to continue that work and reflect on the values on which we built Peace By Chocolate, which is to always give back, support our communities, and to work on issues that matter.”

In 2012, Mr. Hadhad and his family lost everything to the war in Syria, their homeland. They did not know what to do, or where to go, until Canada welcomed them with open arms. With the help of their new community in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, they were able to rebuild their lives and begin anew in Canada, rebuilding their chocolatier business. They are now proud contributing members of a vibrant, supportive, and peaceful community.

“The University of Ottawa Refugee Hub is delighted to be partnering with Peace by Chocolate to launch the new Welcome Bar,” stated Jennifer Bond, founder and Managing Director of the Refugee Hub and law professor at uOttawa.  “Peace by Chocolate is itself the result of a Canadian welcome story, and this incredible business epitomizes the benefits of welcoming newcomers. The uOttawa Refugee Hub is committed to research, policy work, and programming that aims to help more communities say ‘Welcome to Canada.”

There is no sweeter way to say welcome to Canada than to say it with chocolate. Welcome Bars are available through Peace by Chocolate.


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