Need an Expert? Trump impeachment and fallout from Capitol siege

Posted on Monday, January 11, 2021

Collage of Donald Trump and Capitol building

Members of the media may directly contact the following experts:


Daniel Stockemer (English and French)

Full Professor, Political Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences

Professor Stockemer’s areas of expertise include elections, public opinion and populism.


Karen Eltis (English and French)

Full Professor, Faculty of Law – Civil Law Section

Professor Eltis can discuss Internet and democratic governance, including Donald Trump’s social media bans and social media limiting political speech.

Gabrielle Bardall (English and French)

Non-resident fellow, Centre for International Policy Studies (CIPS)

Dr. Bardall is an election and democracy expert specializing in election violence. She has nearly two decades of experience promoting democracy abroad for the United States, Canada, and the United Nations. She is an Associate with the Parliamentary Centre (Ottawa) and a former Congressional Staffer in Washington, D.C.


Ferry de Kerckhove (English and French)

Senior Fellow, Faculty of Social Sciences, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs


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