Need an expert? Live from COP26

Posted on Monday, November 1, 2021

Globe ball on grass

Members of the media may directly contact the following experts:

Thomas Burelli (français et anglais – English and French)

Associate Professor, Faculty of Law – Civil Law section

Professor Burelli can discuss international environmental law and environmental justice.


Alexandre Lillo (English and French)

Postdoctoral Fellow, uOttawa Public Law Centre, Faculty of Law – Civil Law section. Part-time Professor.


Lauren Touchant (English and French)

Postdoctoral fellow with the Centre on Governance and the Centre for Environmental Law and Global Sustainability.

Thomas Burelli, Alexandre Lillo and Lauren Touchant are attending the COP26 in Glasgow. They will follow and participate in the discussions as observers.


Leandro F. M. Sanchez (English and French)

Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

Professor Sanchez can discuss the impact of climate change on the performance of critical concrete infrastructure.

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