Need an expert? International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Posted on Tuesday, November 30, 2021

A large group of people in the shadows

Members of the media may directly contact the following expert:

Virginie Cobigo (English and French)

Associate Professor, School of Psychology, Faculty of social sciences.
Founding director, Open Collaboration for Cognitive Accessibility.

Dr. Virginie Cobigo leads research that supports evidence-based practice in sectors supporting persons with cognitive disabilities and aims to promote the social inclusion of persons with cognitive disabilities.

Her research program encompasses three streams: 1) Examining how to best support the social inclusion of people with cognitive disabilities and monitoring social inclusion barriers and facilitators 2) Developing and testing solutions for the cognitive accessibility of our environment, and 3) Fostering inclusive research approaches.

Dr. Cobigo is also the founding director of Open Collaboration for Cognitive Accessibility, or Open for short, a social enterprise based at uOttawa that provides resources, expertise, and guidance around cognitive accessibility.

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