Need an expert? COVID-19: Public policy analysis to protect workers

Posted on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

People representing various professions

Members of the media may directly contact the following expert:

Katherine Lippel (English and French)
Professor and Distinguished Research Chair in Occupational Health and Safety Law, Faculty of Law (Civil Law Section)

What measures should provincial and federal governments bring forward to ensure that workers can keep their homes and feed their families if the current crisis is to go on for weeks or even months?

“Federal and provincial governments can adopt legislation to protect workers from evictions and mortgage foreclosures and ensure that all workers who are required to stay home for health reasons or quarantine receive adequate benefits regardless of current eligibility for employment insurance. All workers who have reduced income because of layoffs and reduced hours of work should have adequate protection from loss of earnings, regardless of eligibility for Employment Insurance. No one should lose their jobs because they are absent without providing a doctor’s note.”

Please note that Professor Lippel can analyze public policy but cannot provide legal advice on available remedies.

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