COVID-19 Experts in the media

Posted on Thursday, July 30, 2020

Mitigating the epidemic: uOttawa’s response to COVID-19

Academics from all ten faculties are analyzing the pandemic from various angles, providing much-needed thought leadership.
Global Affairs Coronavirus Update: China Responds To Reports It Waited Six Days To Act On Outbreak In Wuhan
Global Affairs WHO, Now Trump's Scapegoat, Warned About Coronavirus Early and Often
Global Affairs Opinion: Olympic leaders misguided in setting new date for Tokyo Games
Global Affairs Trump Wants U.S. ‘Opened Up’ by Easter, Despite Health Officials’ Warnings
Global Affairs Trump Will Be a ‘One-Man Death Panel’ if He Sends People Back to Work Amid Pandemic: Medical Experts
Global Affairs Canada’s surprising history and questionable partnership with a Chinese company and its military-backed COVID-19 vaccine
Global Affairs Mandatory face mask policy in Ottawa and other cities is 'months late': uOttawa professor
Global Affairs How Toronto’s COVID-19 mask push could take a lesson from safe-sex campaigns of the past
Global Affairs COVID-19: More than 80% of cross-border travellers exempt from quarantine rules
Global Affairs As COVID-19 pandemic rages on, experts say it's unlikely Tokyo Olympics can be held next summer
Global Affairs As COVID-19 pandemic rages on, experts say it's unlikely Tokyo Olympics can be held next summer
Global Affairs More than 80% of cross-border travellers are exempt from COVID-19 quarantine rules, government says
Global Affairs U.S., Europe pre-ordered millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses. Why hasn’t Canada?
Global Affairs The WHO's risky communication strategy created confusion around COVID-19
Global Affairs The WHO's risky communication strategy created confusion around COVID-19
Global Affairs Public health, Africa and COVID-19
Global Affairs Could Canada bring in mass coronavirus quarantine measures like Italy?
Global Affairs Ottawa can make quarantines mandatory — here's why it likely won't
Global Affairs In the face of COVID-19, we must understand Canada’s lockdown powers
Global Affairs How invoking the Emergencies Act could help Canada better track, contain COVID-19
Global Affairs Using the Emergencies Act to ramp up testing and track COVID-19
Global Affairs ANALYSIS: Expect Ottawa to declare national COVID-19 emergency only when premiers want one
Global Affairs Ottawa resists emergency powers as provinces present patchwork fight against coronavirus
Global Affairs Hate him or love him—New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo can teach us a lot about how to speak during a pandemic
Global Affairs Government support comes as huge relief to self-employed amid COVID-19 pandemic
Global Affairs Canada's emergency act, used only once in peacetime, would bolster federal powers
Global Affairs How the pandemic could start inflaming wars around the world
Global Affairs Coronavirus vaccine must be affordable and accessible
Global Affairs Rationing care in Canada and U.S. in the face of COVID-19
Global Affairs Leaving Nobody Behind with COVID-19
Global Affairs The pandemic paradox: Canadians asked to go out and face threat that kept them inside for weeks
Global Affairs Coronavirus : "Le Nord va-t-il un jour envisager apprendre du Sud ?"
Global Affairs Coronavirus: Could Canada impose strict travel bans? Experts say yes
Global Affairs Coronavirus: How is Canada planning to enforce mandatory self-isolation?
Global Affairs COVID-19, Neoliberalism and the Campaign against Racism
Global Affairs What Canada can learn from other countries about lifting lockdown measures too soon
Global Affairs How the 'bureaucratic' World Health Organization ended up on the hot seat over its COVID response
Global Affairs New Bar Rules In Quebec
Global Affairs What Stage 3 of Ontario's COVID-19 reopening plan could look like
Global Affairs What Ontario can learn from B.C. about getting COVID-19 under control
Global Affairs Scientists cut peer review corners as demand for COVID-19 information grows
Global Affairs Alternate facts, absolute dread: the pandemic sci-fi writers say they couldn't predict
Global Affairs COVID-19 modelling numbers are scary. Have we mortgaged our future on an inexact science?
Global Affairs What the math says about COVID-19 spread in Nova Scotia
Global Affairs Outbreak of 'mask wars' risks setback for war against coronavirus
Global Affairs COVID-19 requires a co-ordinated global response, experts say. But the world order is crumbling
Global Affairs Trump and Trudeau are on a collision course over COVID-19 isolation
Global Affairs As Coronavirus Cases Top 3 Million, Fauci Warns Against Misreading a Falling Death Rate
Global Affairs Trump Weighs Legal Action Against China Over PPE Hoarding As International ‘Mask Wars’ Heat Up
Global Affairs Pandemic has added significantly to Canada's overall death toll: Ontario study
Global Affairs Collins: Why not use nursing students during COVID-19 crisis?
Global Affairs Privacy experts raise red flags as Ontario first responders get access to COVID-19 info
Global Affairs COVID-19 a ‘failure of early warning’ for Canada, intelligence expert says
Global Affairs Trudeau pushes back as intelligence expert slams COVID-19 early warning failure
Global Affairs Feds ‘Likely Did Not Have Enough’ Protective Gear
Global Affairs COVID-19 taught Canada a costly lesson — that early border closures can work
Global Affairs Canada-U.S. cross-border travel will be forever changed by coronavirus, experts say
Global Affairs Military intelligence unit briefed Sajjan on COVID-19 risk on January 17: documents
Global Affairs Coronavirus horror: Shocking TRUE origin of Chinese outbreak revealed, scientists claim
Legal impact Legal casebook publisher offering students free access to ebooks in wake of COVID-19
Legal impact Provincial border checkpoints barring entry, restricting travel raise constitutional questions
Legal impact How measures to contain COVID-19 may clash with Canadians’ Charter rights
Legal impact Federal government looks to Emergencies Act for more powers to fight COVID-19
Legal impact Experts highlight the vulnerabilities and interdependencies exposed by COVID-19
Legal impact Law, Policy and Ethics of COVID-19
Legal impact There is no going back': How COVID-19 forced courts into the digital age
Legal impact Reopening Canada: How COVID-19 forced courts into the digital age
Legal impact Coronavirus: Can I refuse to go back to work if I feel unsafe?
Legal impact More Canadians are refusing work due to COVID-19 — but it's tough to get authorities to agree
Legal impact Ontario woman barred from parole hearing of her father’s killer amid coronavirus concerns
Legal impact COVID-19 AFTERMATH: How the pandemic could alter the course of climate change
Legal impact How COVID-19 could alter the course of climate change
Legal impact The pandemic shows why Ontario needs to revamp its licensing process
Legal impact Jury duty should be essential service during COVID-19, advocate says
Legal impact Our post-pandemic future
Legal impact À quoi ressemblera notre avenir après la pandémie?
Legal impact Border closures may not be legal and won’t stop COVID-19
Economic impact Poor planning for COVID-19 rings economic warning bell for climate: Don Pittis
Economic impact As COVID-19 hits the economy, bailouts are a fresh reminder why governments matter
Economic impact Liberal MP says Competition Bureau should probe end to pandemic pay premiums 
Economic impact Morneau talks up fiscal room to react to impacts of COVID-19 as concerns mount
Economic impact Could Canada lose 'AAA' credit rating from COVID-19 fallout? Likely not: Page
Economic impact Finance minister to unveil COVID-19 aid package worth at least $25B
Economic impact Debt nation: Canada’s provinces are too big to fail — too small to survive COVID-19 on their own
Economic impact ‘Is it even big enough?’: Morneau shells out unpredented billions, economists applaud move as COVID-19 crisis deepens
Economic impact Coronavirus: Is Ottawa doing enough to save the economy?
Economic impact Morneau talks up fiscal room to react to impacts of COVID-19 as concerns mount
Economic impact COVID-19, low oil prices leads to dramatic drop in demand for power in Alberta
Economic impact Ottawa’s coronavirus aid package a good start but more needed if virus spreads: experts
Economic impact Paying for the pandemic: Why the government’s massive coronavirus spending may not lead to higher taxes
Economic impact Canada's coronavirus expenses might not breed higher taxes 
Economic impact How policymakers should use the wealth of COVID-19 data
Economic impact The Pandemic, the Economy, and Climate Change: Three Takeaways So Far
Economic impact Public Safety Minister Bill Blair rules out using Canada’s spy agencies to track COVID-19 spread
Health Recherche canadienne pour un vaccin comestible anti-COVID
Health U of O scientist seeking edible vaccine for COVID-19
Health What you need to know about COVID-19 in Ottawa on Sunday, June 28
Health COVID-19 'long-haulers' complain of symptoms lasting weeks and even months
Health What does the COVID-19 endgame look like? Five simple steps
Health How did we miss the COVID-19 outbreak and what are we missing now?
Health How are COVID-19 deaths tracked? Depends if you’re in Hamilton or Haldimand
Health Canada’s top microbiology lab sent fifteen “deadliest pathogens” to the Wuhan lab months before the Coronavirus outbreak
Health John Ivison: Federal health agency's report on COVID-19 projections opts for soft-soap over science
Health COVID-19 numbers are likely to be far higher than Ottawa predicts, researchers say
Health Coronavirus: ‘Incomplete’ data for Canada hurts ability to model pandemic, scientists say
Health Travel bubbles': Who’s in and who’s out of the plan to save global tourism
Health COVID-19: Number of cases in young people rising
Health COVID-19: 43 new cases in Ottawa drive 'concerning' increase in Ontario's case count 
Health Canada's COVID-19 Projections
Health Indigenous communities at increased risk during the coronavirus pandemic
Health Keeping a distance: How safe are running and cycling amid COVID-19 measures?
Health Can pregnant mothers pass COVID-19 on to their babies?
Health Nicotine Could Prevent the Spread of COVID-19, Studies Suggest
Health COVID-19: Stop having beers on your driveway or chatting with your neighbours, Ottawa residents told
Health Physical distancing 'loopholes' need to stop, Ottawa health official says
Health Mandatory Mask
Health COVID-19 measures must remain even past disease's peak, say scientists
Health Pressures of COVID-19 could be catastrophic for mental health system
Health “It’s very disheartening” — Epidemiologist Dr. Manisha Kulkarni on the latest Covid outbreak
Health Protecting cancer patients from COVID-19: World-first trial tests novel immune-booster
Health Ottawa-led clinical trial seeks to protect cancer patients from COVID-19
Health Ottawa research looking at affect of COVID-19 on pregnant moms and their babies
Health How to build people's immune systems to better fight COVID-19
Health COVID-19: Your questions answered
Health Brown: YOUR COVID-19 questions answered (today, is the curve flattening?)
Health Social distancing: How far is far enough?
Health Brown: Your COVID-19 questions answered (today, why testing doesn't detect every case)
Health Is it safe to stay in a hotel? Your COVID-19 travel questions answered
Health Can I host a kids party in my backyard? Your COVID-19 questions answered
Health Canada's COVID-19 infections skew younger than anticipated
Health Study findings on asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers dim hopes for herd immunity
Health What you should know before getting back on a plane
Health Feds seek medical student volunteers to help fight coronavirus
Health Retired health workers among those stepping up to battle COVID-19
Health Duration of physical distancing still unknown
Health A COVID-19 palliative care pandemic plan: An essential tool
Health Creating a COVID-19 Palliative Care Pandemic Plan is Essential
Health Palliative care in a pandemic: 'Patients who are not expected to survive should not be abandoned'
Health What is a ventilator and who gets one if COVID-19 turns catastrophic in Canada?
Health Euthanasia doctor drafts Ontario’s coronavirus triage protocol deciding who gets care
Health Bonaparte: COVID-19 guidance is needed for clinics and private practice too
Health 11 cases of COVID-19 confirmed in outbreak at Mission Institution
Health No new confirmed COVID-19 cases since Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Centre staff member tested positive
Health For those incarcerated with their babies, COVID puts two generations in peril
Health UPDATED: Half of federal prison COVID-19 cases at B.C. facility
Health 230-plus cases of COVID-19 at correctional facilities, but none in Kingston area
Health Coronavirus in the prison system: Avoiding a worst-case scenario
Health Canada's prison system prepares for COVID-19 cases behind bars
Health Inmate with COVID-19 admitted to Toronto South jail after testing positive
Health Prisoner advocates urge release strategy to prevent spread of COVID-19 behind bars
Health Nunavut has released 23 inmates since April 1 due to the COVID-19 pandemic
Health Alberta prisoner populations down 35 per cent since start of COVID-19 pandemic
Health Two CSC staff members test positive for COVID-19
Health Small number of COVID-19 cases confirmed at Alberta correctional facilities
Health COVID-19 - Infections among inmates
Health Le port du masque obligatoire
Health Port du masque: comment convaincre pour les nuls
Health OC Transpo and STO forgoing extra cleaning for COVID-19
Health Hunt is on for drugs that hit COVID-19 where it’s most vulnerable
Health Virologist on latest COVID-19 latest developments
Health Quebec biotech firm produces a potential COVID-19 vaccine
Health South Korea investigating COVID-19 cases where recovered patients have retested positive
Health Coronavirus: How environmental destruction influences the emergence of pandemics
Health COVID-19: Looking For a Cure
Health Getting your kids outdoors during COVID-19
Health Labs race to produce tests that show where COVID-19 has already been
Health From test strips to llama antibodies, U of O researchers take on COVID-19
Health When the epidemic curve flattens
Health What happens after the pandemic curve flattens?
Health COVID-19: John Tory sparks debate on possible use of cellphone data for infection detection
Health The way you exercise has changed due to the pandemic
Health Child abuse during COVID-19
Health CHEO Doctor answers kids' questions about COVID-19
Health Coronavirus blood-clot mystery intensifies
Health Ottawa Hospital researchers study links between blood clots, COVID-19
Health Cardy's COVID-19 measures 'drastic,' causing confusion, but party stands behind him
Health COVID-19 Pandemic
Health Deonandan: Coronavirus shows the urgent need to invest in health infrastructure
Health When is someone considered 'recovered' from COVID-19?
Health Everybody is susceptible': Why younger Canadians may be helping fuel the spread of COVID-19
Health Do You Have COVID-19 Fatigue?
Health Rare look inside Toronto COVID-19 lab reveals equipment shortages and delays
Health Public washrooms should be open with enhanced cleaning measures in place, epidemiologist says
Health Canada has an army of volunteers ready to help fight COVID-19 — so why aren't we using them?
Health Could Canada avoid a second wave of COVID-19?
Health Will Canada see a second wave of COVID-19? This is what other countries are seeing
Health City waiting too long to activate mandatory mask-wearing rule, doc says
Health Making masks mandatory could mitigate second wave, says epidemiologist
Health A COVID-19 lesson: Ontario cities need toilet training
Health Misericordia Community Hospital COVID-19 outbreak
Health What will stage 3 of reopening look like in Ontario?
Health As COVID surges in the U.S., some experts worry about plan to further open up Ontario
Health Deonandan: Wearing a face mask is both socially responsible and self-interested
Health As COVID surges in the U.S., some experts worry about plan to further open up Ontario
Health Bars are emerging as COVID-19 hot spots. Ontario officials are trying to avoid the dangerous cocktail seen in Florida and other U.S. states
Health Wearing a face mask is both socially responsible and in our self-interest
Health What British Columbia got right in the fight against COVID-19
Health Your COVID-19 Questions
Health Coronavirus psychology: Why an ‘abstract’ virus makes recovery more complicated
Health Dining out, school buses and testing levels: Your COVID-19 questions answered by experts
Health New Normal: Casinos betting on temperature checks, chip cleaners 
Health Young people are causing COVID-19 spikes. But are they solely to blame? 
Health BLIP OR TREND? Uptick in Ottawa COVID cases should serve as a wake-up call
Health CANADA: Young people are causing COVID-19 spikes. But are they solely to blame?
Health Rise in the number of local cases of coronavirus
Health Will the flu season be better than expected?
Health Residents must continue prevention methods, despite 'COVID fatigue' : Eastern Ontario Health Unit
Health Public-health messaging shares blame for local rise in cases, partying, epidemiologist says
Health Excess deaths? Not in Canada during pandemic’s early days, StatCan says
Health Ottawa teeters on 'knife edge' as COVID-19 cases mount, says epidemiologist
Health What would a COVID-19 pandemic look like in Ottawa?
Health Coronavirus and animal research
Health Ontario sees jump in migrant farm workers with COVID-19
Health Trying to give comfort as a doctor, during the pandemic
Health Canada urged to bolster health screening at airports to prevent spread of COVID-19 
Health Sleep and COVID-19
Health What can we expect from healthcare workers facing the deadly demands of COVID-19? 
Health Morning Brief: 8% of Ontario households say member reported key COVID-19 symptom: poll
Health Protecting the Elderly in Long-Term Care Facilities from the Risks of COVID-19
Health Ontario Is Actually Running Fewer & Fewer COVID-19 Tests Since Last Week
Health Ontario reports 379 new COVID-19 cases as province waits on shipment of N95 masks
Health Why some are calling it 'COVID-19 pounds'
Health Everything you need to know about COVID-19
Health On COVID-19 testing, a new backlog emerges as some patients not told they have the virus
Health Canada may have 100,000 more COVID-19 cases than the numbers show
Health Ontario confirms 379 new COVID-19 cases as testing declines, protective equipment shortage persists
Health Don't blame the COVIDIOTS, blame the messengers: Why some people don't take the pandemic warnings seriously
Health How COVID-19 is impacting the health of kids in Canada
Mental Health There are days when I worry this is never going to go away': Living with COVID-19 for the long haul
Mental Health COVID-19 visitation bans for people in institutions put many at risk in other ways
Mental Health Psychology Professionals Discuss How Quarantine Affects Mental Illness Sufferers
Mental Health COVID-19: More Canadian ditch physical-distancing rules as coronavirus drags on
Mental Health COVID-19: Why psychological barriers may impede progress during the pandemic
Mental Health Hatcher: Suicides are predicted to rise by 30 per cent because of COVID. What do we do about it?
Mental Health How to Protect Your Mental Health During the Coronavirus
Mental Health On Coronavirus Lockdown? Look for Meaning, Not Happiness
Education How Canadian universities are evaluating students during the coronavirus pandemic
Education A complete list of what to do — and not do — for everyone teaching kids at home during the coronavirus crisis
Education The education world has been turned upside down’: Online learning may reshape the classroom
Education COVID-19: Provinces must respect children’s rights to education whether or not schools reopen in September
Education COVID-19 watch: Government cancels EQAO testing, teaching candidates call for same on math proficiency test
Education Le casse-tête des cours à distance pour les étudiants et les professeurs
Education Debate continues over best way for teachers to educate students online
Education Coronavirus Poses Learning Challenges for Children with Disabilities
Education Distance learning from home and in the park
Education Westheimer: Forget trying to be your kid's substitute school teacher during COVID-19
Education How much should parents be sweating homeschooling?
Education Homeschooling
Education Back to school : Pandemic Pods
Education How your family can make the most of this time at home
Education Coronavirus outbreaks are inevitable if Ontario reopens schools 
Education ESL students losing ground during pandemic, educators fear 
Education Containing the long-term impact of COVID-19 on higher education
Education Online learning at home
Education Shift to online learning could spell trouble for rural families
Education École à distance : l’absence de données sur la participation inquiète des experts 
Education Call to reopen schools in the fall
Education Ontario health officials join calls to open schools in the fall
Education Health officials join calls to open schools in the fall
Education Are classrooms safe during a pandemic?
Education Is it safe to go back to class? 
Education Determining COVID-19’s lethality muddied by politics 
Education There’s a ‘death gap’ in Canada’s four most populous provinces. If COVID-19 isn’t killing these people, what is?
Business Driving Behavior: How COVID-19 Pumped the Brakes on Transportation, with Abel Brodeur
Business Here's how the coronavirus is affecting Canada's labour market
Business iPolitics AM: Trudeau to skip COVID-19 briefing for a second day to focus on ‘private meetings’
Business Canada Fumbled Its COVID-19 Response and Must Catch up, Say Experts
Business Is Canada bad at sharing public data? COVID-19 rekindles an old debate
Business Is it time to invoke the Emergencies Act to thwart COVID-19?
Business Where provincial coronavirus screening websites are falling short
Business This week, we'll see if Canada's curve actually starts to flatten
Business Ottawa Hospital starts rationing masks for staff as COVID-19 spreads
Business Shocking' and 'indefensible': Feds should release national COVID-19 modelling information, experts say
Business Coronavirus Updates Canada: Even More Canadians Can Apply for the CERB
Business COVID-19 numbers are likely to be far higher than Ottawa predicts, researchers say
Business Some of Canada's COVID-19 scenarios 'unexplained and doubtful', new report argues
Business Federal government has limited ability to ramp up COVID-19 testing nationwide, say officials
Business Ontario may be at COVID-19 peak, but testing woes could stall reopening
Business Feds should release national COVID-19 modelling information, experts say
Business Ottawa faces criticism for sending 16 tonnes of personal protective equipment to China in February
Business Canadian leaders botched mandatory masking. Here's how to fix it
Business COVID-19: Tips for startups during the coronavirus pandemic
Business Collaborating with the competition to cope with COVID-19: How Businesses are surviving the pandemic
Business 4 Ways to Get a Job amid Covid-19 Pandemic
Business Will coronavirus kill the traditional office as we know it?
Business How to safely buy or sell a home during the coronavirus pandemic
Business Ottawa health unit backtracks after issuing misleading advice on COVID-19 immunity
Business Suddenly working from home? Here's how to make the most of it
The elderly / Long term care The coronavirus is one perfectly built to prey on the elderly. Long-term care homes are the front line
Epidemiology How to socialize safely outside your bubble
Epidemiology Remember the rules around social circles
Epidemiology Sask. Health Authority says front-line medical staff priority for COVID-19 testing
Epidemiology Since COVID-19 emerged, how many people have died in Ontario? They won’t tell us
Epidemiology How many people are dying in this pandemic? Canadians may soon find out
Epidemiology Random testing is best bet to control COVID-19, says epidemiologist
Epidemiology What's next for COVID-19 testing in Ontario
Epidemiology COVID-19 testing in New Brunswick below 'minimum' prior to new outbreak
Epidemiology COVID-19: Testing and Tracing
Epidemiology Feds offering testing and tracing help
Epidemiology K-W still a COVID-19 hot spot not ready for reopening, epidemiologist says
Epidemiology Disposable menus being served up at some Manitoba restaurants to curb COVID-19
Epidemiology Give it a few weeks before discussing Stage 3 of COVID-19 reopening: Epidemiologist
Epidemiology Cases of COVID-19 in New Brunswick being found less frequently than in other provinces
Epidemiology Cases of COVID-19 found less frequently in New Brunswick than in other provinces
Epidemiology Number of COVID cases climbs to 285 with roughly half in people under 44
Epidemiology It's 'too late' for N.B. to use testing to reduce COVID-19 spread, expert says
Epidemiology In Canada, the cases of COVID-19 and deaths are declining. Here's the story behind the numbers
Epidemiology What Stage 3 of Ontario's COVID-19 reopening plan could look like
Epidemiology Social bubbles' popped as messaging lost, epidemiologist says
Epidemiology COVID-19 cases on the rise
Societal impact Criminologists say harsh policing and big fines don't make people safer from COVID-19
Societal impact Harsh policing and big fines don't make people safer from COVID-19: criminologists
Societal impact Who will police the COVID-19 police?
Societal impact Policing the pandemic will put marginalized communities at risk, advocates say
Societal impact Opinion: Don't play games with unrealistic ideas to return sports amid pandemic
Societal impact Portraying COVID-19 as a ‘war’ may do more harm to patients and their families
Societal impact COVID-19: Pandemics often bring about social reform. Could coronavirus lead to a better future?
Societal impact What does the coronavirus pandemic sound like? The voices of people struggling, secluding and surviving around the world
Societal impact Silver lining: Could COVID-19 lead to a better future?
Societal impact Patents Cannot Impede Canada’s Response to COVID-19 Crisis
Societal impact Experts highlight the vulnerabilities and interdependencies exposed by COVID-19
Societal impact Pandemics are low-probability, high-consequence events. We should have been prepared
Societal impact How to Talk to Your Parents About Coronavirus, With Tips From a Millennial Pastor
Societal impact Coronavirus: Importing products without bilingual labels endangers francophones
Societal impact Pandemic can be 'extremely stressful and traumatic' for some youngsters
Societal impact COVID-19 roundup: Canadians turn to retail therapy
Societal impact This changes everything’: COVID-19 creates chaos for student housing
Societal impact Sarah Berger Richardson: COVID-19 disruption reveals challenges in our meat supply
Societal impact COVID-19 disruption reveals challenges in our meat supply
Societal impact End to slaughterhouses would benefit workers, consumers — but it's unlikely even COVID-19 will force change
Societal impact Concerns about food supply grows as pandemic crisis deepens
Societal impact COVID-19 Disruption Reveals Challenges in Our Meat Supply
Societal impact A new COVID-19-inspired vocabulary
Societal impact 110 days. 81 addresses to the nation. What PM Trudeau's COVID-19 messaging reveals
Societal impact Public health officials in 1919 also wrestled with social distancing
Societal impact Latimer, Aubry, Nelson and Tsemberis: Governments acted quickly on pandemic. Let's do the same on homelessness 
Societal impact COVID-19 presents new obstacles for people who use service dogs
Political impact John Ivison: The COVID mission is far from accomplished, despite Trudeau's latest feel-good message
Political impact What We’re Watching: House to resume sitting on Monday to deal with COVID-19 bill 
Political impact Political Economy in Times of COVID-19 Pandemic
Political impact Trudeau pledges help as many students shut out of COVID-19 benefits
Technology Could COVID-19 popularize telecommuting?
Technology City of Toronto using cell phone data to curb spread of COVID-19: report
Technology Trudeau says government isn’t using cell phone data to curb spread of COVID-19
Technology Canada should ensure cellphone tracking to counter the spread of coronavirus does not become the new normal
Technology Rogers postpones residential service price changes due to COVID-19
Technology Internet users may face higher prices, fewer options in COVID-19 fallout
Technology Coronavirus contact tracing app to launch nationally in coming weeks: Trudeau
Technology Government should be careful in using cellphone data to track COVID-19, advocates say
Technology COVID-19: John Tory sparks debate on possible use of cellphone data for infection detection
Technology The sudden urgency of online academic conferences
Technology Online platforms struggle to keep up with moderating content amid COVID-19
Technology Ottawa health unit backs away from idea to mine cell phone locations to gauge distancing
Technology Lyon: Cellphone tracking might help stamp out COVID-19. But at what cost?
Technology Canada preparing a national COVID-19 patient tracking app
Technology Contact tracing apps may help slow the spread of COVID-19. But will privacy concerns prevent Canadians from using them?
Technology Freedom-of-information requests shunted to sidelines during virus crisis
Technology False alarms, lack of interest could plague new coronavirus contact tracing app
Technology Canada a target for cyberattacks on COVID-19 research
Engineering/ PPE Building Protective Gear For Frontline Workers
Engineering/ PPE uOttawa students help protect frontline health care workers during COVID-19 pandemic
Engineering/ PPE COVID-19: U of O lab making face shields for frontline health-care workers
Engineering/ PPE Des technologies bientôt dans nos hôpitaux
Engineering/ PPE U of O lab putting 3D printers to use in fight against COVID-19
Engineering/ PPE Detecting COVID-19 in wastewater
Engineering/ PPE How what we flush down the toilet could provide early warning of a second wave of COVID-19
Engineering/ PPE Sewage can give a week’s extra warning of coronavirus spikes: stud
Engineering/ PPE Ottawa-area scientists now monitoring sewage for coronavirus: ‘Now is the exciting part’
Engineering/ PPE How your sewage could help track coronavirus in your neighbourhood
Environment Coronavirus: Governments' recovery plans should take 'green route,' study says 
Environment COVID-19 shutdowns will give wildlife only short-term relief from climate change and other threats
Environment Why Coronavirus Won’t Save the Environment
Environment Pandemic or not, Canada still faces a climate crisis — and the clock is ticking
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