The Civil Law Section launches innovative video storytelling project

Posted on Tuesday, February 9, 2021

interview for video camera

The University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law - Civil Law Section is looking to move the discipline beyond the analog age with an ambitious, Canadian first video project to benefit academics and the legal community while capturing the wider public., a digital platform created at uOttawa in collaboration with the Canadian government’s Department of Justice, will launch today, February 9, at 4:00 p.m. aiming to showcase and share legal knowledge through a documentary-style vlogs that will include interviews with researchers, in-depth examinations of legal stories, the exploration of legal careers, and general legal information.

Interview for a video

“Legal stories are quite absent from trending visual platforms – this is what we are looking to change,” says Étienne Trépanier, Visiting lawyer-filmmaker and Special Advisor in Visual Legal Advocacy in the Faculty of Civil Law. “The aim is to share our knowledge with a wider public by having staff, students, and collaborators within the Faculty embrace audiovisual production to create engaging content that showcases the best of the legal profession.” aims to transport decisions, arguments and more from textbooks and articles to the screen through short videos that will include explanatory text, related publication links from trade journals and other web sources, and a spotlight on the university’s brightest legal minds.

Content will be grouped content into four general themes that explore the practice of law, shine a light on research and provide insight into legal research and those performing it, and an exploration of subjects in greater depth through the video lens.

Trépanier, who is a visiting professor from Justice Canada, has been supported throughout the project by Marie-Eve Sylvestre, Dean and Full Professor at the Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section, as they create a format better suited to the social media age.

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