Quieren aprender francés? The University of Ottawa sends a delegation to Mexico to promote the study of French

Posted on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Students / Étudiants

A delegation from the University of Ottawa is travelling to Mexico today to promote its new French Intensive Program (FIP) in that country’s post-secondary education fairs. 

The delegation from the University of Ottawa, the largest bilingual (French-English) university in the world, aims not only to attract foreign students who would like to improve their fluency in French, but also to meet with potential partners in the field of second language training and post-secondary education to discuss its prestigious English Intensive Program (EIP) and its new French Intensive Program (FIP). 

The French Intensive Program (FIP) is designed to meet the needs of non-native speakers who are already quite fluent in French (equivalent to DELF B1 or B2). It provides students who have been admitted into a French-language undergraduate program at the University of Ottawa with flexible French-language training that is tailored to their needs.

This intensive program, which spans 7 or 14 weeks depending on the option selected, aims to refine the foreign student’s knowledge of French as a second language to prepare them to begin university studies in French. Students acquire the knowledge they need to succeed academically, thanks to training that combines an accredited course, workshops and social and cultural activities.  

At the end of the program, students will:

  • Understand and effectively communicate ideas in a university setting
  • Integrate into undergraduate or graduate-level studies at the University
  • Be exposed to Canadian culture during weekly social and cultural activities
  • Develop a sense of kinship with the University and the greater community
  • Establish friendships with individuals from various backgrounds

The FIP is a product of the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI) at the University of Ottawa and the first cohort of students is expected on campus in May 2017. The OLBI is a world leader in the teaching of English and French as second languages, as well as in second-language competency assessment and research into second-language acquisition and teaching.

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