University of Ottawa annual contribution to Canadian economy: up to $7.4 billion

Posted on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The University of Ottawa annually contributes up to $7.4 billion to the Canadian economy, according to a new report by the Conference Board of Canada on the University’s national economic impact.

The report concludes that the University of Ottawa’s economic impact — from its spending on operations, salaries, and research and development, and the earnings premiums of its graduates — contributes up to $7.4 billion a year to the economy, regionally, provincially and nationally.

The latest report shows remarkable growth in the University’s impact compared to the previous economic impact analysis conducted in 2012, which placed the University’s economic impact at $4.12 billion.

“I am proud to see that our investments in the last couple of years have had a positive impact on the region, province and the country. The growth shown by the figures in the report reaffirm the University of Ottawa’s commitment to research, innovation, and development,” says Allan Rock, University president.

The report shows that the University’s activities directly contributed over $1.5 billion annually to Canada’s GDP, and generated and supported more than 29,500 jobs across Canada, almost 24,000 of them in the greater Ottawa-Gatineau region.

Graduate earnings

As well, the report shows that the knowledge and skills acquired by University of Ottawa graduates lead to higher productivity and higher earnings. University of Ottawa bachelor’s degree holders in Ottawa earn an average of $56,596 annually and graduate degree holders earn $69,400.


The study determined that the University’s $324 million in research expenditures in 2013 were the third largest among Ontario universities, and that the cumulative impact in 2013 on Ontario’s GDP of the University’s research spending between 1971 and 2013 was nearly $2.6 billion per year.


One of the defining characteristics of the University of Ottawa is its bilingualism and its special role in Francophone communities in Ontario, across Canada and internationally as the world’s largest French-English bilingual university.

The report found the University plays a major role in delivering bilingual higher education in Ottawa and beyond, with an estimated annual investment of $62 million.

The University of Ottawa invited the Conference Board to assess its contributions to the Ottawa region and to Ontario’s economic, social and cultural wellbeing in order to provide empirical data for future planning. The Conference Board applied its University Impact Framework to assess the University’s economic, social and cultural impact, using a combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches.

For more information, please see the complete report and infographics: Economic Impact of the University of Ottawa.

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