uOttawa economic impact study reveals Senators Sports and Entertainment brings in $100 million in spending to the city each year

Posted on Monday, February 24, 2014

Today, the University of Ottawa released the Senators Sports & Entertainment (SSE) 2012-2013 Impact Study, which highlights the economic impact of SSE on the Ottawa-Gatineau region. The study estimates the annual direct and indirect economic impact of SSE on Ottawa-Gatineau at $204 million, based on the direct financial impact of $100 million in spending. Considering that SSE has been in existence for 21 years, these results can be conservatively extrapolated to estimate that the club has directly and indirectly generated more than $3 billion for the region since the Ottawa Senators' return to the NHL, including direct revenues of more than $1.5 billion.

The study focused on the impact of SSE by looking at activities taking place at the Canadian Tire Centre and Sensplex facilities, including the Bell Capital Cup and other tournaments, concerts and major events. Income generated by the Ottawa Senators, the Ottawa Senators Foundation, the Rink of Dreams, Rogers House and other groups was also included in the study, which is the most detailed review of SSE's regional impact ever conducted.

“In recent years, the importance of demonstrating the value of a professional sport club has become increasingly evident,” stated Norm O'Reilly, lead researcher at the University of Ottawa. “The estimate of $204 million calculates direct, indirect and intangible impacts. We consider it to be conservative – with the ‘true' number being potentially higher, but certainly not lower.”

The study released a long list of benefits that Senators Sports & Entertainment brings to the Ottawa-Gatineau Census Metropolitan Area (CMA), from economic to philanthropic events, including:

  • Each year Ottawa Senators hockey, both regular season and playoff games, has attracted more than 118,000 people from outside the Ottawa-Gatineau CMA.
  • Tourism by non-local visitors to Sensplex facilities and the Bell Capital Cup generates $21.7 million annually (direct and indirect).
  • Senators Sports & Entertainment have led community efforts to attract and host world-class events that contribute an average of $9.5 million in annual direct and indirect revenues, based on $4.3 million in direct spending. These events include the NHL All-Star Game, the World Junior Hockey Championship and Women's World Hockey Championship.
  • Concerts held at the Canadian Tire Centre attract a large population of tourists to Ottawa-Gatineau; their annual spending in the region generates an estimated $4.3 million in direct and indirect revenues.
  • Since 1992, over 478,000 people, a figure that corresponds to nearly half of the current Ottawa-Gatineau CMA population, have participated in at least one Senators Sports & Entertainment philanthropic event.

“The economic impact study conducted by the University of Ottawa reveals that the Senators are more than a hockey team. We are a major business partner to the Ottawa-Gatineau area that provides economic value, reaches a wide variety of individuals and businesses, and helps increase the success of our entire community,” said SSE President Cyril Leeder. “We are proud to see the depth, magnitude and positive results of the University of Ottawa study. We recognize, as well, that with such a major economic impact comes a significant responsibility. We are committed to continuing to find new ways to demonstrate our contribution and create economic impact and prosperity for our region.”

In addition to the tangible benefits that SSE brings to the Ottawa-Gatineau region, the economic impact study also reveals a number of intangible benefits for future tourism and for the City of Ottawa's brand image. Approximately 87% of tourists reported that attending a Senators-related event was the principal reason for their visit to the city, and the majority indicated that they were very likely to return. In addition, a survey of local residents indicated that the majority (56%) identified SSE as having a positive impact on the region.

“It's sometimes easy to overlook the true value of the Senators because we are so focused on what happens on the ice. The Senators' SSE impact goes much further than as an economic driver, and provides many secondary benefits related to our city's image and brand,” said Ottawa Tourism President and CEO Noel Buckley. “Ottawa is the best place to live in Canada and SSE helps create exposure for our city through their media coverage and special initiatives in the region.”

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