New Canada research chair working to uncover the path to quantum computers

Posted on Friday, March 28, 2014

Although today's computers are extremely powerful and fast, there are calculations that even the most advanced computer will never be able to perform. That is, unless we were to harness the power of quantum physics to build a radically advanced computer, which is what professor Jeff Lundeen will set out to do as the University of Ottawa's newest Canada Research Chair in Quantum Photonics.

Professor Lundeen's team is developing new kinds of photonic chips that function via quantum physics. This opens up entirely new possibilities, such as a quantum computer—predicted to solve currently intractable problems—as well as quantum cryptography, which will allow us to build the first provably secure communication systems, and quantum metrology, in order to build sensors at the ultimate limits of sensitivity.

By building complicated quantum systems such as these photonic chips from the ground up, Professor Lundeen's research may uncover clues to the secret of quantum physics' computational advantage. And, in turn, this will set the stage for the discovery of new quantum algorithms and technologies that will ultimately benefit society as a whole.

As one of Canada's top ten research institutions, the University of Ottawa has gained significant momentum in the quality and quantity of research it carries out. Exemplary researchers who raise the bar in their fields—including Paul Corkum, who has helped position our institution among the very best photonics research centres in the world; Lori Beaman, a leading scholar in religious diversity and freedom; Tracy Vaillancourt, a renowned expert in children's mental health and violence prevention; and Michael Geist, one of the leading copyright scholars in the world—are among the 76 allocated Canada Research Chairs at the University of Ottawa whose scientific work benefits not only policy-makers, businesses, other researchers and practitioners, but also individual Canadians throughout the country.

The Canada Research Chairs Programinvests approximately $265 million per year to attract and retain some of the world's most accomplished and promising minds.

The University of Ottawa is committed to research excellence and encourages an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge creation, which attracts the best academic talent from across Canada and around the world. The University is an important stakeholder in the National Capital Region's economic development, with a total regional economic impact estimated at $4 billion annually.

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