uOttawa introduces new program to help tackle security and policy issues

Posted on Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Today's policymakers operate in an increasingly complex world where their decision-making is hampered by the multitude of security-related issues they must consider. Intersecting security concerns are now de rigueur in public policy development and application, and in private sector management. To address these issues, the University of Ottawa has launched the Security and Policy Institute of Professional Development, a powerhouse of information on security matters.

This professional development program is an innovative and independent forum that fosters an exchange of knowledge and a discussion of substantive issues with top security experts. The goal is to generate practical policy options, foster informed decision-making and enhance strategic planning, making this type of institute unique.

“This is not a canned program; it is designed to be responsive and flexible. It offers courses and content that have been identified as necessary and timely by end users, and its content is continually being updated,” said Serge Blais, Director of the Centre for Continuing Education.

The Security and Policy Institute of Professional Development is not a research centre or a think tank. Rather, it aggregates and synthesizes existing and new knowledge on various security topics and transfers this knowledge to select audiences through intensive short courses that are designed to help with practical decision-making. Courses are offered in both languages by leading experts with extensive experience in a wide variety of fields.

Tapping into its local, national and international network, the program will cater to a variety of audiences by bringing together a dynamic group of top security and policy experts from industry, the civil service and academia to frame debates on the intersection between security and policy in Canada and the world.

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